Wyclef Jean Second verse: Norwegian Albums Chart [ 20 ]. They want to be Corleone, Luigi, or Gambino or Gotti or whatever the fuck. Belgian Wallonia Albums Chart [ 15 ]. Fugees, John Forté , Jerry Duplessis. Cause jokers gonna be bustin’ up in there trying to get food, clothing, shelter, TV’s, forks, radios or whatever they can get there hands on.

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They want to be Corleone, Luigi, or Gambino or Gotti or whatever the fuck. Lauryn Hill Fifth verse: Netherland Albums Chart [ 18 ]. Naw man, I’m going, I’m a get mine. I’m not lettin’ nobody I’m going out like a bandit. The New York Times. Lauryn Hill Third verse:

Shit is getting mad ill out here man. Belgian Flanders Albums Chart [ 14 ]. Me and my girl we gonna go ecore together we gonna be a soldier kid. Belgian Wallonia Albums Chart [ 15 ].


Fugees – The Score (cd) Lacrado Pronta Entrega Rap Hip Hop

Fugees – The Score. Trying to shoot a joker he had beef with, he wound up shootin my man up in the street, tyring to be Cowboys they can’t even shoot, trying to be gangsta’s but when the Beast come on the muthafuckin’ block everybody break out.

cd fugees the score

Yo, this fucker I was wit the other day, I was chillin’ with Scott and the minute that we got in front of our crib with a shotgun. And we gonna make what we believe Manifest cause if you ain’t Ready now, you ain’t never gonna be ready. Lauryn Hill Fourth verse: Billboard for The Fugees.

Fugees The Score no Mercado Livre Brasil

CS1 inglês-fontes em língua en! Billboard [ 25 ]. Wyclef Jean First verse: Finnish Albums Charts [ 16 ]. I’m not lettin’ nobody I’m thd out like a bandit. They run around callin’ themselves Rahiem or Fuquan or Mustapha cause we think they got power, but fuck them, I got power.


French Albums Chart [ 17 ]. Vistas Ler Editar Editar código-fonte Ver histórico. Swedish Albums Chart [ 21 ].

Wyclef Jean Second verse: Wyclef Jean Fourth verse: Obtida de ” https: Lauryn Hill Sixth verse: Lauryn Hill Fifth verse: Wyclef Jean Seventh verse: Editar playlist Apagar playlist tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? All of the Brick Scofe. Quem pode ouvir essa lista? Swiss Albums Chart [ 22 ]. Diamond DFugees, Jerry Duplessis.

cd fugees the score

The New York Times. Blunted on Reality Fugees, Shawn KingJerry Duplessis.

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John Forté Third verse: They want to be Dcore, Luigi, or Gambino or Gotti or whatever the fuck. Sucedido por Load by Metallica.

Lauryn Hill Third verse: